Water Cooler

water cooler

BIB Packaging Eco-Water Cooler

The water cooler that works best with the bag in bag packaging system is the BIB Eco water cooler.

Available in Black or White body.

  • Cools more water faster
  • energy efficient
  • industrial use design
  • pollution free dispensing

It looks like almost any other water cooler but inside there is a world of difference.

Most coolers cool down the water one glass at a time. Not the BIB Eco Water cooler. We know the needs of a busy office, factory or mining operation can’t be met that way. That’s why we cool down the whole 3 gallon bag!

The big benefit of the bag system in industrial applications is that there is no air sucked in to let the water out. The bag simply deflates. This is the safest system ever invented!

This system was designed to meet the needs of industry around the world but it’s inexpensive enough to be used for in home application as well.

The bag is inserted in the top for easy loading and a spike in the bottom of the stainless steel pot and dispensing can begin. In a few minutes the whole 3 gallon bag is cooled down to the selected temperature providing glass after glass of pure fresh water.

Because the compressor comes on and stays on until all the water is cooled it doesn’t have to turn off and on so many times as other coolers. This makes for a better cooling system with a longer life.

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