machine specifications

KN 3000 Liquid packaging machine Specification list :
Double Bagging Fully automatic stainless steel Vertical Form, Fill, and Seal machine.

WB3 gen assembly-with hoist, no panelsCustom designed and constructed from stainless steel.
Two inch square tube for durability and reliability
to maximize user efficiency and profitability. 5ft x 5ft x 9ft( 1.5mx1.5mx3m).machine foot print.
Adjustable feet for leveling.

Basic Machine specifications:

Safety System Emergency stop button.

Sealing jaws close under low pressure then finish sealing under high pressure. ( high pressure and sealing heat comes on when safety switch is activated in that cycle)


Lifting Systems:

2 Electric overhead hoists to load packaging material.
(220 volts single phase voltage

Drive System:

Material Drive advance system with single phase water proof motors unless otherwise specified.
Mechanical film unwind with auto brake and dancers on all material rolls.

Pneumatic Equipment
all air cylinders with air cushion. All cylinders are SMC
Compressed Air: 16 cfm @ 90 psi (.1 m3 @ 6 bar) is required to open and close air cylinders for optimum operation.
Air compressor is not included in this package. If this machine is to be operated in conjunction with other machinery requiring air existing air compressor may need to be resized to meet the additional load. If the KN3000 is to be operated autonomously an appropriately sized air compressor must be ordered and in situations where high humidity is a factor an air dryer may be needed.

Electrical Equipment
Stainless Steel Cabinets
Electrical Data: 220 volt, 30AMP 50/60 HZ. Single phase
220 volt SINGLE PHASE Electricity must be provided.
Sealing Jaws:  anodize aluminium
sealing bands:  impulse heat
Main disconnect power switch, located on control cabinet door.
Auto stop if door opened.
Bag/pouch counter included
Full pc 15 inch color touch screen .
PC fully programmed with remote viewing and online access for remote service.
Filling System:
Providing the proper flow rate, volume and water pressure is imperative to the optimum operation of the KN3000. The filling system

130 gal Stainless Steel contact tank complete with:
High flow Stainless Steel filling pump :
Ozone water purification system designed to kill bacteria
Ultra violate ozone gas destructor to remove excess ozone.

NOTE: water purification is not part of the KN3000’s purpose. Water sources can contain a wide variety of micro-organisms, minerals and contaminants that require specific water treatment to make it drinkable.

Terms and Conditions of Transaction:
Shipping arrangements must be made at time of order.

Crating included for shipping to meet the standards of international shipping regulations.

This machine will be installed, serviced and warranted by K N MACHINERY INC.
Warranty: 3 months warranty on Labour from time of installation.
1 year warranty on parts through KN Machinery Inc.


Replacement parts for items needed on ongoing bases will be provided for a fee. They include:
sealing tape, Drive belts, Sealing bands

KN Machinery will consult with purchaser to ensure proper operation and function of the KN3000 after installation. The cost of installation and three days training is included. Training will commence immediately upon installation. This machine requires a qualified machine operator to be on hand for training and available full time for the three day training period. Additional training will be made available at additional cost.

Payment terms:
The terms of purchase of the equipment quoted are 50% down payment with the order 40% prior to shipment and the 10% balance due 30 days after delivery of the equipment and commissioning.

Equipment contract:

All machines are fully assembled and tested before shipping. Customer approval of the assembled machine can be made at the manufacturer’s plant within one week following manufacturer’s approval and prior to shipping. Machine will be partially disassembled and suitably crated for shipping.

Unless otherwise arranged and agreed to in writing by both parties, bag material will be supplied by KN Machinery at a charge to be determined when the material is ordered. The bag can optionally be supplied with print on one side of outer bag (company logo). KN Machinery will supply water cooler adapters and water coolers at a price to be negotiated at time of purchase.

Machine set up and training

Machine set up and training will be arranged prior to purchase.  The purchaser is required to supply air, water and electricity to the machine as required.

The evolution machine components is inevitable as new opportunities present themselves and more KN3000 are installed around the world. Any future upgrades will be made available to you at a price to be agreed upon as they become available.

Manuals for heat sealing and trouble shooting will be provided as they become available at no additional charge. They will include: Manuals or video for starting new material, Manuals or video for making changes to the settings in the PLC. (Timers, heat settings and fill settings).

We will make and supply videos on service procedure on as many items as possible.

1 year warranty on parts.
Free phone tech support for the first year.

Second year Service calls on sight will be billed at a cost of $250.00 US per day. (subject to change without notice.) Client is to provided air fare and hotel accommodation.


Printers are included.  We will provide mounting and an output from the PLC for a supplied printer.

A conveyor system is not included.  We can supply one at an agreed price and can integrate the control of the conveyor with the PLC .


The manufacturer is responsible for the production and preparation of equipment as described herein in a timely fashion and will provide estimated completion dates but accept no liabilities for loss of income resulting from delays. The Buyer is responsible for any import duties, taxes, insurance and freight charges required to transport the equipment to the buyer’s factory.

Arrangements for installation will be made at the time of order based on projected delivery dates. Changes made to installation dates or locations at the buyers request may result in additional costs and will be charged to the buyer.  

The buyer or anyone working for their company will not make in whole or in part, or have made for them; packaging equipment that uses the technology developed for the KN3000 or develop a machine that competes with this machine.  This applies specifically but not limited to the bag in bag process.

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