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What I like most about the KN3000 is

WB3 gen assembly-with hoist, no panels

  1. The KN3000 is an inexpensive one way packaging system in a world populated by very expensive 18 Liter bottles.
  2. We eliminate  the 18 Liter bottle and the cost of making the bottle, recovery after use, storage of the bottle, transportation when empty, cleaning and inspection of the used bottle and all the cost of energy and materials involved.
  3. The savings include thousands of gallons of good water used in the bottle washing process.
  4. When the KN3000 powers up to make, fill and seal a bag very little energy is required. In Canada we can run a machine all day for less than a dollar.
  5. The bagging material is drawn through the KN3000 by a tiny belt driven motor. It’s using very little power because the material is rolling off two shafts that support the material rolls on bearing surfaces that reduce drag to almost nothing. Custom made jaws moved by compressed air squeeze the bag together. A sealing band comes on for a fraction of a second to seal it. The energy savings compared to bottling is tremendous.
  6. The machine itself takes up very little space. It has a foot print of 5 feet by 5 feet. Compare this to the space required to bottle water and you see even more savings. Add to that the space required to store all the bottles both full and empty and you begin to see the KN3000 advantage.
  7. With the KN3000 one man could run a dozen machines at a time.
  8. The initial cost difference of setting up a bagging plant compared to a bottling plant is tremendous. The space required is tiny by comparison. The energy consumed in the process is a fraction of what it takes to bottle water.
  9. The result is a system more businesses can afford to set up.

Imagine what that could mean in a market dominated by large corporations with very little competition. Add to that the market potential that results from the flexibility of the KN3000 to make a variety of sizes of bags and we level the playing field in a very big way all over the world.

A low cost packaging system like this will allow KN3000 owners to set up shop closer to the end user. This means a further reduction in transportation costs. Make the bags from a degradable material and you have a winning combination of cost efficiency and eco-friendly packaging.

BIB Packaging is a packaging system design and manufacturing firm owned and opperated by Ken Nicolle.

Bag in Bag Packaging is located in Victoria, BC, Canada.

  • The only machine that makes a bag within a bag.
  • High speed packaging with any size from 125ml to 3 gallon  to customize your packaging.
  • Bags are degradable and recyclable, and contain no BPA’s

Ken Nicolle has extensive experience in the water industry.

Over the last 27 years Ken

  • has built water bottling plants,
  • sold water treatment systems for both residential and commercial industries
  • and has had the only reusable salt bag for water softeners that ever made it to market.

Ken was the only one in Canadian history to achieve the mark of excellence award on the plant inspection by NSF- a main part of the bottled water association- with a mark of 97.5 % .

Ken Nicolle has used the most advanced engineering technology, software and machining to create the most advanced packaging system on the market today.

This high speed packaging machine now called The KN 3000 can:

  • Make two bags at the same time with just one machine.
  • Make and fill the inner bag/bags with product and places it inside an outer carrying bag- complete with carry handle- simultaneously.
  • Package three gallon bags of liquid
  • Make and place different amounts of bags/pouches filled with product into the outer bag.For example:the KN 3000 can make, fill, flavour and place 1 to 60 smaller bags in the outer bag all at the click of a button when the flavour system is added.
  • The KN 3000 will also make single bag packages without the outer bag replacing form filled packaging machines with one that is ten times more versatile.
  • The KN 3000 can make multiple different sizes of bags all in one machine with a touch of a couple of buttons.

By setting the number of bags you want on the easy to use touch screen, you are in charge. This machine uses different size materials to aid in getting the size of bag that best suits your needs as well as different bag materials.

There are many safety features built in to the electric and air systems for operator protection.


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